Folding Carton Manufacturers

Our members, all independently-owned-and-operated folding carton manufacturers, have a lot going for them. Most are family-owned and have been for generations. (Collectively, our 18 members represent 1,448 years of packaging history.) They are all known for their flexibility, responsiveness, and personal service — customer-centric benefits that are driven by lean organizations and transparent management teams. They all believe in the power of independents and the value they gain by working together as one cohesive group.

Who Wins? The Customer.

Who wins when the country’s finest independent folding carton manufacturers work together to reduce raw material costs and assure continuity in production? The customer.

Independently-owned-and-operated folding carton manufacturers don’t have the bureaucracy of huge corporations. Everyone from senior management to shift managers gets to know customers. That means personal service that focuses 100% on meeting customer needs. As a customer of an independent, you’ll probably have the president’s phone number on speed-dial. (If you work with the folding carton subsidiary of a large paper mill, the number you’ll likely have on speed-dial is the customer service department.)

Independents are also known for flexibility and responsiveness. Because their organizations are lean, and their owners and executives are easy to reach, they can respond quickly to requests, find ways to overcome obstacles, and adapt to changing market conditions. They’re also very passionate about what they do.

Their smaller size, however, particularly in relation to paper mill subsidiaries, doesn’t mean the independents aren’t industry contenders. They most certainly are. Our 18 members alone account for over $800 million in annual sales and play a crucial role in the U.S. supply chain. Most ICG members count among their customers’ huge corporations, including Fortune 500s. Many name-brand products — in the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, cosmetic, healthcare, and other industries — are sold in packaging produced by ICG members.

All of our members are successful in their own right, and their membership in the Independent Carton Group doesn’t take away their advantages as an independent manufacturer. It further improves the value proposition for their customers. ICG membership allows independents to reduce costs, continually improve operations, expand services, educate employees, apply best practices, implement disaster recovery plans, and more.

When you’re making a folding carton purchasing decision, look for an ICG member company — and benefit from The Independent Advantage. We invite you to find a member today.