Our Raw Material Purchasing Power

Our group purchasing program gives ICG member companies raw material purchasing power, as well as supplies and equipment at prices competitive with those generally only available to the folding carton subsidiaries of large, integrated paper mills. We currently have contracts with over 40 reputable vendors, and we are proud of the excellent working relationships we have with them.

When Members Save, Their Customers Save

When people think of independent folding carton suppliers, they usually think about responsive, flexible organizations, and personal service. But what about the price? Can independents compete?

ICG members can. Our group purchasing program gives members access to competitive prices on the equipment, paperboard, and consumables they use every day. By negotiating contracts with leading vendors as a group, rather than as individual companies, we can capture volume discounts and receive better terms. As a result, members can keep their costs down and offer customers with pricing that is competitive with any folding carton manufacturer.

Established in 1999 to assist with raw material purchases, the ICG purchasing program now includes not only virgin and recycled paperboard, but also plates, inks, coatings, blankets, rollers, presses, and much more. It also gives our members access to long-term raw material contracts that reduce the risk of operational interruption in the event of a paper shortage in the industry. This program has saved members and their customers many thousands of dollars since its inception.

When you choose to work with an ICG member company for all your packaging needs, you won’t be sacrificing responsiveness, flexibility, and service for the price. You really can have it all.